Members may invite up to three guests (aged 21 or over) to join them at the club.  Reservations may be made for parties of any size (guests aged 21 and over). Members may also enjoy exclusive events such as craft beer and cocktail clinics, fun and informative tastings, live music performances, leadership forums, cultural talks and Q&A sessions.

How to Join

Membership is included for any current resident of the Milam Building. If the idea of joining 21 Milam is consuming your every thought, but you’re not a resident at the Milam Building (which you should consider because the apartments are pretty swank) — you need to find a friend who is a current member as you must be nominated by a current member. Once that beautiful occasion occurs, you will need to fill out an application and await approval. After membership has been approved and you’ve paid the nominal membership fee (20% of which goes to the San Antonio Area Foundation), you will receive a unique set of 21 Milam trappings which is when the fun begins.

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