We had a vision — a social club that allowed you to relax, but at the same time, was full of life — a social club for a new generation. Firm in his commitment to have a live, work, play downtown environment, we hatched the idea of 21 Milam for residents of the historic Milam Building, whose residency grants them membership in this modern social club.

“Imagine walking home from work to your apartment just a few blocks away, knowing that you can grab a drink when you get home just by taking the elevator to the top!” said Randy Smith, president of Weston Urban, in a recent interview. “Like all Weston Urban projects, we knew we needed to make it special. We think 21 Milam is pretty special.”

Many people have asked about the origin of the name 21 Milam. It’s fairly straightforward. The top floor of the Milam Building is the 21st. See, we told you it was straightforward.

Not a resident of the Milam Building? Want to join the club? Click here for more information.