Ours is a unique sort of destination. Designed to overcome the doldrums and hoity-toity-ness of the social clubs of our grandfathers, 21 Milam draws the ultra-curious, the idea generators, the problem solvers and the let’s have fun doing it crowd. They are the reason for the irony in such an energetic place being where one would traditionally relax.

Located in the penthouse – 21st floor – of the 1928 historic Milam Building – the world’s first air-conditioned skyscraper – 21 Milam’s cocktails and craft brew make keeping cool a little easier these days. And although the building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the only traditional part of this club is the new tradition of downtown San Antonio being a vibrant place of renewal – where intelligence doubles down on enlightenment and diversity is as common as the timeless buildings.

So this is the place to come grab a cold one. To exchange ideas or the latest innovative technology. To discuss entrepreneurial pursuits. And maybe catch a game or even play one together. Yes, this is the place.